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Your vision + Our Creativity = Assured win!

Camden Lane is creative blend of experience and intentional design. Our unique approach to branding results in visually stunning results and the ultimate brand experience for your customers. Let our award-winning capabilities be a part of your brand's footprint in the market place. 

Graphic Design/
CreativeBrand development

We offer award-winning graphic design service. Whether it's a flyer, brochure, social media graphics, banners, media kits, books, magazines or more, we've got you covered! If you imagine it, we can design it. With all of our greatness we don't design logos. I know ,crazy right?


Sherilyn only accepts 5 high level brand management clients per year. So, what is brand management? The process is simple. We do an audit and analysis on how a brand is currently perceived in the marketplace. We then create a brand strategy and create a brand bible that guides us on how your brand should be perceived. We set objectives that will ensure that your brand is perceived as planned and meets its objectives. A brand manager is involved in all aspects of the brand and its overall identity. It can include travel, on-site work, being involved in meetings and production calls etc. We'd love to work with you!

Brand or rebrand

This experience is recommended for those who may be established or are about to take the leap! Let us give your brand a cohesive look in the marketplace.  Investment: $8,500

This suite includes:

• Initial Consultation Call

• Brand Strategy Plan

• Photoshoot Direction and Concept

• 1 Hour zoom brand Strategy Session (2)

• Unlimited email and text 

• 1 monthly brand coaching call for 3 months

• Full Website Design (up to 5 pages)

• Brand bible guideline book

• 10 brand collateral pieces (printing included)

Creative Retainer 

Do you need professional creative services on a continual basis? If so, you've landed in the right place. We love working with retainer clientele. Retainer Suites investment $1,499+

Drop us a message for more info.

Conference Branding

You have an exciting experience planned, how do you brand it? How do you get to your core audience? How do you establish its voice in the market place? By branding and marketing it well. This suite is for the visionary. Let's target your audience and give them the biggest invite they have ever received. All it takes is professional consultation and top-notch creation to make your event a success! 


• Consultation Call

• Strategy Session 


• All Conference Flyers

• Brochures

• Retractable Banner

• Wall Graphics

• Screen graphics

• Marketing Collateral

• Event Landing Page

Printing not included

Personal Branding Suite

Are you a new entrepreneur? Maybe you are not sure of the direction your brand should go visually. You're not ready to make a full investment, however you need guidance and creativity. This suite is for you!


• Consultation Call

• Logo design

• Starter brand strategy

• Mini brand bible

Investment: $2,500

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